Ste-Foy Elementary School

Ste-Foy, Québec

"Spring Magic "

On April 15, 16 &17 I worked on a mural project in St-Foy, Québec at St-Foy Elementary School.

This project took place on a freshly blue painted staircase. I worked in collaboration with cycle one teacher Karine Turcotte.

This blue background inspired me to draw some sunflowers and vines on a art nouveau manner. In them, I placed a series of animals and insects of a small scale such as bees, butterflies, squirrels and rabbits.

This background seemed to exude a definite spring quality and that’s why I named the mural "Spring Magic".

The students added their touch creating a series of people and animals. They turned out wonderful !!!

It was a pleasure to be back at this school and I’m proud of what we accomplished.

Marcio Melo