St. Johns School

St.-Jean-sur-Richilieu, Qu├ębec

"For the Love of Food"

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of February I spent 3 days with the students of St. Johns School in St. Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec, and we created a mural about food in the schools cafeteria. It's the first time I worked on a mural with such a theme and I thought the experience was very refreshing. The intention was to draw and paint, taking in consideration all the different food groups available and portray them in their most attractive state. We wanted to be able to call the mural "Food, Glorious Food" and I think we succeded. It was a great experience considering the physical challenges of the mural - some of students had to go on tables to paint the higher parts of the wall while others had to work very carefully under the tables.

While I usually take many pictures of the projects, I purposely took a few videos which with my friend Ted's help we turned into a nice little video. The recording was very spontaneous but the group of students were so cohesive and related so well to one another that the result could only be great. I think it is!!!

Marcio Melo