Shawinigan High School

Shawinigan, Québec

"I Belong - I Learn"

Working on this mural was a great experience in the sense that, as the mural developed, I was able to witness a very high level of interaction among the students. They worked in groups of two and their images reflect the activities and subjects of the school, from Academics to Sports, Arts and Drama.

The mural is located in the Games Room and the great, green pool table immediately inspired me to do something similar. A long shaped background drawing with legs like a table, displaying a variety of flowers and plants in vases placed above it.

The students also paid attention to the fact that their designated spaces to paint were separated by colours. They took great care of these transitions, drawing things that would pass from one side to another, interacting with each other.

I think they were pleased with the experience, it couldn’t be otherwise considering how hard and well they worked. I’m proud of them.

Congratulations !!!!

Marcio Melo