Shawinigan High School

Shawinigan, Qu├ębec

"Connnected By the Current"

On April 3, 4 and 5, 2012, I worked on a mural project at Shawinigan High School with the collaboration of art teacher Winnie Lilley. The mural was executed on a yellow staircase and the theme ranged from images evoking sports activities to the Arts. Talking over the phone with Winnie, we discussed the possibility of creating a background that would evoke some of the elements of the local environment such as rivers and rocks. I drew a series of waves on the wall connecting the spaces in which the students placed their drawings. They all worked very hard on their personal images and the result is excellent I chose the song the Waters of March, a major classic of the Brazilian Bossa Nova repertoire for the obvious reference to water and rivers. Bravo to all the participants for the great work they did! Enjoy it! Marcio Melo