Mountainview Elementary School

Deux-Montagnes, Québec

" Paint - On the Floor "

On May 17, 18 & 19 I worked on a Mural Project at Mountainview Elementary in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec.

It’s my third visit to this school and this time I worked on a series of lockers beautifully primed in white.

The lockers were placed right beside a previous mural, and the Principal, Mrs. Miller, and I agreed to work on them as a continuation of what was on the wall.

The mural and the lockers are both divided in two levels by a long horizontal wavy line. I drew all the details above the line while the students worked on spaces under the line sitting on the floor.

When it was time to pick a song for the video, the students suggested “On the Floor” by Jenifer Lopez, which was a perfect choice for it, giving the nature of the activity.

I had a great time working in this school as always.

The students did beautiful things on the theme of Nature.

Enjoy it,

Marcio Melo