Hull Adult Education Centre

Gatineau (Hull), Québec

"Sharing the Mythical Forest"

On February 8 and 9 I worked on a mural project at The Hull Adult Education Centre.

The students decided on the theme of “Nature”. As the project advanced it was clear that we were dealing with nature in a mythical sense and therefore the title "Sharing the Mythical Forest“.

I chose the song “Shine” from Ricky Martin for the video. I enjoyed the lyrics who emphasised the importance of living in the present moment and making the best out of it, which I think is a perfect metaphor to the art of Painting.

As a final result the mural shows that there’s space for both individual and collective expressions when we’re able to work inside the frame of collaboration and mutual respect.

This was a great group to work with and I hope they are proud of what they accomplished. Congratulations!!!

Marcio Melo