General Vanier Elementary School

Montréal, Québec

"Healthy Mind, Healthy Body"

From February 24th to 26th I worked at General Vanier School on a mural project called Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

This project took place in the lunchroom and had 24 participants.

The theme is vast and it ranges from sports to reading, from physical activities to anything that involves the use of imagination. On the first day in class the students were given these themes and came up with a variety of interesting choices. There was a great emphasis on eating well, which is very appropriate considering that the mural is in the lunchroom. Lots of fruits and vegetables, isn't that great?

I drew the top part of the mural where we see a series of bodies in movement: Skiing, running, playing, dancing....

The students were great and seem to have had a lot of fun. They were not afraid to express themselves, therefore you'll see some interesting moves on the painting floor !!

I say bravo and keep up the good work!!

Marcio Melo