École Poupore

Fort Coulonge, Québec

Collaborative Mural Workshop - Marcio Melo

The Carnaval of Brazil by École Poupore, Fort Coulonge, Quebec

** The second grand prize "Essor 2002" was given to École Poupore for this project ** 

It was a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to share my Brazilian heritage with the pupils of École Poupore. The result is fascinating and the harmony of the mural is happily visible.

Marcio Melo, April 2002      

Detail of the mural - Corcovado in Rio de Janiero

Objects and paintings of Carnival in Brazil

We begin, first on the floor

Every day the panels are removed

and the next day, replaced

The mural - details






and after work - The Feast

Dignitaries - MP Robert Bertrand, Marcio Melo, Claudine Trudel and Benoit Paré


Claudine Trudel 

   Artist Marcio Melo