École polyvalente Nicolas Gatineau

Gatineau, Québec

Collaborative Mural Painting - Marcio Melo

Muralists of l'école polyvalente Nicolas Gatineau, Gatineau, Quebec

 Working on this mural was a really nice experience for me. In my opinion, the choice of the theme "Careers" is excellent, lots of opportunities for viewing and projection of "the future." Visually, the mural represents life as a great adventure. To fully accomplish his journey, we must have good tools and be well prepared. Good luck to all.

Marcio Melo, March 2001

Creating a Mural

The workshop plans and executes a monumental collaborative painting (mural) over three days. The scale of a mural fosters great freedom of expression and artistic accomplishment within the context of cooperation and compromise.

Prior to my arrival, the theme is decided according to local interests. Students research elements relating to the theme.

The first day looks at collaboration (boundaries - keeping or crossing them) and painting (balance, colour, composition), especially as it relates to monumental works (seen from a distance). Drawing exercises on a small scale practice collaboration. Exercises are analyzed. The mural is prepared.

The second day the mural is painted. Discussion continues on the elements of painting, collaboration and introduces the art of compromise (individual versus group identity).

The third day we discuss, "Is it finished?". After analysis of the elements of a monument, the group decides, and finishes if necessary. 


The First Day - Collaborative drawing


Colour Exercises






The second day - the wall



On the third day - the mural is finished

  Choose Your Career Sports - Cameraman - Director - Truckdriver - Cook - Doctor - Gardener - Mechanic - Ambulance Driver - Sailor - Landscaping - Police - Fireman - Astronaut - Veterinarian

Mural details





Artist Marcio Melo in front of the mural