Collaborative Mural Workshop Description

Partout Anywhere

As part of the Quebec Ministry of Culture’s “Artists in the Schools” program, I am proud of the over 200 Collaborative Mural Workshops that I have conducted with students throughout Quebec, and other groups and individuals.

It is an opportunity for me to foster the principles of cooperation, compromise, order and balance that is so much a part of my creative process, to create monumental works of art.

Even though I define myself as a painter and generally work on my own, whenever I have the opportunity to share a painting space with other people, it proves to be a very positive experience. My artistic approach is derived from these experiences and allows the participants to come in contact and discuss the fundamental elements of painting (colour, harmony, composition, balance) and its stages (when is a painting finished?) while working together. My intention is not to show them how to paint, neither does it focus on technique or style, but is rather meant to encourage personal expression and creativity.

The workshop is divided into stages:

  1.     Participants have the opportunity to research and build up ideas through collaboration in small groups, which will prepare them for working on the larger mural.

  2.     The execution of the mural tests their team dynamics.

  3.     The analysis to determine its completion will foster their artistic vision.

From this project, they will learn the dynamics of working as a team, emphasized through participation. They will gain feelings of respect for their achievements and will witness the strength of a group creation.

If you would be interested in a Collaborative Mural Workshop (It could be many school, organization or even private individuals), please contact me for more information.