Chimo Elementary School

Smiths Falls, Ontario

"Walk In Others Shoes"

On February 5, 6 and 7, 2013, I worked on a mural at Chimo Elementary School in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

This is my third time working in Ontario and I am glad for this opportunity to expand beyond Quebec with my mural projects. This time I had the pleasure of working with the collaboration of teacher Michelle Simons, who first saw one of my murals in Montreal and invited me to do one at Chimo Elementary.

The theme for the mural, “Chimo Virtues” , was discussed in detail on the first day of exercises in class, creating images that turned out to be very well executed in the final mural. In my opinion these students really exceled in their interpretations of values such as honesty, resilience, caring and fairness among each other.

One of the students had “Walk in other’s shoes” written in one of his sketches. After discussing with Mrs. Simons how the project should be titled we agreed that this simple and commanding phrase would be perfect for being able to encompass virtues such as empathy, caring and understanding.

I chose the song “Marching On” for it’s obvious connection to the title of the mural.

This was a really enjoyable project giving the dedication of the students and staff in general. Thanks to Kathy and Michelle for helping bringing it to a higher level of completion.

Bravo to all the students for doing such a beautiful job !!!

Marcio Melo