Buckingham Elementary School

Buckingham, Québec

The Importance of Values

Marcio Melo (artist) and muralists in front of finished mural "The Importance of Values"


"The theme for this mural was "The Importance of Values".

The students of grades 5 and 6 researched meaningful words and narrowed them down to six.

The principal, Joan Grey, suggested the word "Commitment". I suggested the word "Harmony". We both thought these were key words to a successful art project.

At the end of the project, we all gathered in front of the mural to look at it and pondered the meaning of the words. It was a true learning experience in more than one sense - visual and philosophical. Congratulations to the students of Buckingham Elementary for the great job!"

Marcio Melo, January 2003


The First Day - Drawing Collaboration



Drawing Collaboration Results


Colour Exercise




Colour Exercise Results



Results of the first day's exercises


The Second Day - Working on the Mural


 The Third Day - The Finished Mural


The Finished Mural at Buckingham Elementary


Mural Details





Principal Joan Grey and the muralists at Buckingham Elementary