Marcio Melo On Somerset at Bank


Windows on north side of Somerset Street, east of Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario

On Somerset at Bank

August 17 - September 30, 2000

All day, all night

Ottawa, Ontario

An exhibition of paintings by Marcio Melo on the

north side of Somerset Street, east of Bank Street.

In the heart of the Somerset Village, there are four large windows facing Somerset Street that have been empty for a long time. Fronted by a terrace with benches and trees, artist Marcio Melo had a vision of an exhibition on this major pedestrian area in the heart of urban Ottawa. His vision is fulfilled with 'Marcio Melo On Somerset at Bank' - four large (8 X 10 feet), bold canvases painted to be noticed from a distance, to be admired close up, and to have that quality that defines them as the distinctive work of Marcio Melo.

His vision has also created a new exhibition space for artists. Through negotiations with the owners, and after experiments to ensure the safety for paintings, Marcio convinced them to make the space available to other artists when his show finishes at the end of September.

For Marcio, a rural resident about an hour's drive from Ottawa, it is a chance to show his paintings in a highly traveled pedestrian area in the heart of the city, without the competitive and quirky relationships that galleries involve.

Marcio would like to thank the Regional Group of Companies Inc. in its capacity as agents for the Owners of the Cooperators Development Corporation Limited and not in its personal or corporate capacity for this opportunity.