Marcio Melo


Marcio Melo Studio, Bristol (Quyon), Quebec

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From the summer of 1993 until June, 2015, I opened my home studio in the backwoods of Bristol (used to be Quyon), Quebec to visitors for events, by appointment or by chance.

I lived in a century old farmhouse  idyllically set on the edge of a lake, and the drive to reach it can only be described as spectacular. The old farmhouse was perched on the edge of Moffat Lake, near Quyon, Quebec, about an hour's drive from Ottawa (the capital of Canada). I lived here with my friend Ted, three cats, one dog, various chickens, ducks and geese, and a large garden.

While a few of my paintings are of my surroundings, I believe my location has a profound influence on my work.

I cannot see any of my neighbors, and this complete privacy offers a great freedom. Being in the middle of such a wilderness affects what I do every day - swimming, skating and canoeing.

I take many long hikes - collect mushrooms, fiddleheads and berries.

I paint when I feel inspired, and take inspiration from every source.

I usually work indoors, sitting at a table

or working on a wall.

With time, my workspace becomes a colourful work in itself.  

The first thing you see when you enter my house is what I call the "Sanctuary", an assemblage of flowers, precious momentos, found objects that have special meaning for me. It somehow mimics the shrines to saints found in many shops in Brazil. It is constantly evolving.

 I am regularly updating my walls with my latest works. The house becomes my gallery.

Visitors are always welcome. Call first to make sure I am home.

More photos inside and outside the studio.