Ideal - Something to Believe In


Château Cartier Resort, Aylmer, Québec


Something to Believe In

Marcio Melo

5 December 5, 2000 - February 9, 2001

Château Cartier Resort 1170 chemin Aylmer, Aylmer, Quebec

On the 5th of December at 7 pm, Marcio Melo will unveil twenty new paintings in his exhibition "Ideal" at the Château Cartier Resort in Aylmer, Quebec.

"When painting has taken so many forms and definitions, the artists of our times are left with an unanswered question - With painting, what is ideal?  Some set themselves for an answer; some remain questioning.

The word "Ideal" evokes a standard of  excellence and beauty equal to one's highest wish.

Using this concept as a theme, I placed myself on a journey of self-discovery.  What colour is love? How abstract is happiness?  What images represent our highest ideals?  Eventually the answer to these questions resonates with infinite possibilities.  With this exhibition, I've selected some to believe in."


True Believer


Galante cavalheiro


L'ordre intérieur




Contemplative Nature


Star Gazer


Le bonheur des bijoux


Still Life of Adventure


Waiting in Style


La passion Nijinsky


Love Struck


La vie en harmonie


Paz e coragem


Graça feminina




Strength and Stability



Beleza da natureza




Cat in Peaceful Surroundings


Radiance and Inner Light