2 Weekends in August 2001


Marcio Melo Studio, 8 the Twelfth Line, Quyon, Quebec

2 Weekends

in August

An exhibition of paintings  by Marcio Melo at his studio in the Gatineau Hills

August      11/12    18/19        2001 Noon - Sunset  /  Midi - Crépuscule

Country Corn Feast Pot Luck Dinner: August 12,  5 pm Bonfire Assemblage: August 18 at Dark  

Marcio's Studio overlooks Moffat Lake in the rolling Gatineau Hills of the Pontiac Region in Quebec. Only an hour's drive from our nation's capital, it is a secluded, private retreat from the urban routine. The Studio is part of a small farm where chickens and geese welcome you. Come for a spectacular drive through the Gatineau Hills and spend some time enjoying Marcio's latest works and the peaceful surroundings.

Bring a picnic. Bring your camera. Bring your friends.

Absolutely Free. Everyone is Welcome.

2 Weekends in August offers a new exhibition of paintings by Marcio Melo. Each weekend offers a traditional rural activity (be it rural Canada or rural Brazil).

At the Country Corn Feast,   

 August 11 & 12, the corn harvest will be in full swing. Canadians devour corn on the cob and Brazilians have their corn dishes. Drop in anytime for some corn delights, or bring your favourite corn dish to the Pot Luck Corn Feast, Sunday, August 12 at 5 pm. It happens once each year - Enjoy it to its fullest.

At the Bonfire Assemblage,    

on August 18 at dark, we will set alight a bonfire that will be constructed over the preceding weeks - the Bonfire Assemblage. It will be just that, a collection of items installed to produce a fire to remember - not because of its size but for its meaning and beauty. Add your contribution. It doesn't have to be a sacrifice to the Goddess of Light and Fire to ensure that you live a long and happy life - but it can be - use your imagination!